Fuck Japanese AV Star Mina Asahi at Tokyo Marriott – Trailer

I traveled to Tokyo, Japan recently and got connected with Mina Asahi, a Japanese AV star that is out of contract from Japanese censorship. Filmed her at the Marriott hotel in Tokyo. Although she only speaks a little English, we had a great time regardless. She taught me some Japanese too. Popped 2 big creampies. The most memorable experience with her was her moaning, which is very Japanese style if you know what I mean. The Japanese girls in general are very feminine. I’m sure some of you love that 🙂 I do think we need to start bringing in more Japanese girls onto the platform. Taiwan also has a lot of good adult talents nowadays. What do all you think?

Extra note: I do want to apology for the bad camera work, tilted view. I recently start trying a new trick with my action camera. I tilted the camera so it can capture more frame vertically. It did capture more frame vertically but it also made it harder to watch because of the tilted view. I already stopped doing that because some of our fans emailing us about fixing that. Due to that fan request, I stopped tilting my camera. There might still be a couple scenes that have tilted camera involved. But you will not see the tiled view going forward! I’ve already stopped doing that. Thank you very much for your understanding!