Your Favorite Lena Anderson/Blair Ivory Did Her Last Boy-Girl Scene Only At BananaFever – Trailer

Hey friends, you don’t want to miss this one. I know Lena Anderson AKA. Blair Ivory is one of the most popular pornstar in China. I’m not really sure since when this became the case. I heard all kinds of reasons of why that is the case. There is one version saying Lena Anderson got really really popular in China after BananaFever shot her back in 2019. We, BananaFever, definitely are not trying to take the credit here haha. I do agree though Lena does fit the Chinese beauty standard, pale skin, tall frame, skinny and long legs, big eyes, etc. The way she looks is just how Chinese/Asian guys love and are attracted to. Lena has not been very active since she shot with us back in 2019. There was health related reasons and some personal related reasons. We also got her interviewed in the film. Bottom line, she has not been and will not be active in the porn industry. She’s just not trying to be a porn star in my opinion. She’s also not filming for boy/girl scenes at this point nor she has been for a few years. But BananaFever always make magics happen for our BananaFever fans. We somehow managed to film Lena Anderson for a boy/girl scene with BananaFever Asian male talent! We hope all you fans enjoy this one. Thank you for your supports as always. We will make more magics for you all for the rest of 2023! Definitely check this one out and subscribe to our newly redesigned site! In the new site, you will get way more compared to the old site. We doubled our update frequency and bring more member benefits to you!

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朋友们你们好啊。你们不应该错过这一期更新。Lena Anderson/Blair Ivory 是华人圈内最知名的欧美女优。可能没有之一。我其实也不清楚为什么她在广大华人圈内这么出名。我听说过各种各样的原因。有一个我听说过的原因是说她2019年和汝工作室,也就是我,拍的那一部片子后,她迅速在华人圈内出了名。我觉得有可能吧,但我也不确定真的。但是我确定的一点是,她的长相确实很符合亚洲人华人的审美观。大眼睛,白皮肤,高挑性感的大长腿,丰满紧而不肥的臀部,不大但很挺又粉嫩的乳房。哈哈,我能看出来为什么广大华人粉丝朋友们喜爱她。但是她最近这几年一直都不大排片,尤其是她已经停止拍摄所有男女片。我们在片中的面试,她透露了一些她觉的为什么她在华人圈里这么出名。她也透露了一下为什么她没有在拍男女片。但是你们知道,汝工作室从来都是带给大家惊喜的哈哈。我们不管多么困难,还是一样能够拿下她,让她回馈汝工作室广大华人粉丝们。她也说为了回馈广大华人粉丝们,一位汝工作室和 Lena Anderson 最忠实的粉丝成为了一位幸运儿,他很荣幸的能和 Lena 在我们汝工作室的协调和推动下拍了一部男女性爱色情片!就是为了专门回馈广大汝工作室的忠实粉丝们。希望大家喜欢这部片子。这类的片子只会有更多更多!汝工作室当然还会给广大忠实粉丝们带来不断的惊喜。只有你想不到的,没有我们做不到的。