Donetello Nguyen Got into BananaFever’s Regular Male Talent Lineups – Trailer

Donetello Nguyen is our newest male talent got into BananaFever’s regular male talents lineups. He’s Vietnamese American. He started his pro porn career about a year ago and has made a big splash. I look forward to seeing more performance from Mr. Nguyen here at BananaFever. The girl Donetello worked with here is a hot blonde civilian girl. She has not made into pro porn career yet but is seriously considering making it to go all in. I always tell the girls. If you have already put yourself out there, just go all in. Cuz why not? You are already out there getting naked on the internet with face recognized…
Enjoy this update at BananaFever my friends! With enough work and dedication, you can also do what we do here. Porn isn’t some rocket science haha.