Fine Tattoo Godness Valerica Steele Is At BananaFever – 1/2

Valerica Steele is a famous porn star and I can definitely see why she got so popular. She’s pretty hot too but that’s actually not the reason why someone would be successful or not in porn industry. It’s her work ethics and professionalism. This all makes sense too. When you look at a hot pretty girl just got started in porn and are wondering why she’s not that popular given that she’s fine as fuck. Well you know the reason now. It’s her work ethics. When someone is so professional and actually treat porn as a career not just a job and think long term and stay CONSISTENT, that’s a perfect setup for her/him to be successful in porn industry. If you are considering doing porn or running a porn site like me, think about if you can actually do this long term and stick to your plan consistently no matter what. Branding effect will only show if you keep working on it staying consistent no matter what. If you are serious about wanting to do what I do and wanting to learn about this business, follow my telegram@bananafeverclub for updates and stuff. Or email your application to me at [email protected]


纹身妹 Valerica Steele在美国名气很大,我很有幸和她演对手戏。她身材火辣。亚洲的朋友们你们可能会问这个妹子怎么能这么出名?她的秘诀不是长得多好看身材多好,而是她的敬业精神。我深有体会。拍她的时候,我深刻体会到她是多么热爱她的职业并以此为豪。她真的是把色情片作为她的长远职业。不像有些女优,三天打鱼两天晒网,觉得自己是个公主。这种女优就算再漂亮身材再好,在美国是出不了名的,别不服气哈哈。

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