Hello all,

Thank you to everyone who’s been with us through these trying times of 2020 so far. We want to update you guys on what we’ve been up to and fill you in on how our business is going since this year has been a weird one.

As you may know, COVID-19 has affected many businesses and it has certainly affected us as well, as we’ve not been able to produce content since this pandemic has started in late February. Don’t worry though, we have a stockpile of production that we’ve shot already and have been editing for the weekly updates. But we will be working with other content creators at this moment for just a couple of updates.

Please be sure though, that we are on top of the news and trends as it relates to this disease and as soon we can get some form of rapid testing available, we will begin shooting new content as soon as we can to give you the best quality product that we can do.

As of right now, we have heard of a new rapid testing that will be available soon. If so, we will begin to shoot again in July.

We are the only group of people providing this genre and we hope to succeed and continue having a voice in this category. Thank you again for your support.