How to work with BananaFever

Hello everyone,

We get this email a lot (literally a dozen emails everyday) so we will answer this question, “How do I (you), get to work with BananaFever?” Here are some things you need to know/do.

  1. The main and most important thing is… have a portfolio. Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. This is your resume. Go onto one of the tube sites (Pornhub, Xvideos, YouPorn, etc) and post a collection of your videos. At least a dozen videos showing your face and your work. We will not entertain anyone who doesn’t have a portfolio. This is fun work but it is work nonetheless and you need to show that you are comfortable in front of a camera. Simply saying “I can perform” does not do it. Many of our current performers have already had a portfolio or experience working in the industry. Again, we are only looking for candidates who will show face. No way around this. If you don’t, don’t apply.
  2. Be in or around California, specifically, Los Angeles metro area (we may entertain NorCal or Vegas but that will have to be decided). We understand some of you might be willing to travel. But this industry moves fast and you have to ready to shoot whenever the opportunity arises.
  3. Be Asian. We currently have Chinese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Filipino, Korean and Japanese but are always looking to expand our roster but we are selective in our representatives. We are looking for one representative from every Asian country including Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, and of course, more of East Asia. If you speak your own language, that is a plus. If you are fit and active, that is a plus. If you are larger than average, that is also definitely a plus.

If you have all three of these requirements, then you are welcomed to apply at [email protected] You must organize your email in the order of answering these questions as we get many emails per day and will skip over unfinished emails and resumes.

Ending 2020 with a bang and starting 2021 with new faces. Hopeful and good luck everyone.